Wyoming Prevention Action Alliance meets in Cheyenne

A subcommittee of the WPAA discusses prevention issues in Wyoming
A subcommittee of the WPAA discusses prevention issues in Wyoming

The Wyoming Prevention Action Alliance, a state-wide coalition of leaders dedicated to promoting substance-abuse prevention and other positive life choices, met February 19 in Cheyenne to discuss strategies to protect youth and communities from the harms of issues including vaping, alcohol use, meth, CBD, and other issues. The group includes prevention leaders from across the state who shared best-practices they have developed in their communities.

Among the items for discussion was how the Wyoming Legislature and City Councils are responding to federal legislation changing the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21. The federal legislation requires state or local legislation in order to implement the new age restriction.  A related issue was how the new age limit would impact e-cigarettes (also known as vapes or Juuls) that often contain nicotine.

Alcohol use by Wyoming youth was another topic for discussion, including how communities can help educate the public about the risks associated with social hosting of parties and community events where alcohol is served.

Meth use continues to be a serious prevention issue in Wyoming. With many states including Colorado legalizing marijuana, drug cartels are now smuggling high-potency meth into the United States. Responding to the impact the drug is having on individuals and families is an important issue in many communities, resulting in greater need for foster care services and other issues.

WPAA members are dedicated to furthering awareness of the importance of prevention across the state of Wyoming.

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